INFOGRAPHIC: Game of Thrones Season 5 Social Media Stats

Game of Thrones slayed social media networks with its season five premiere. Listening to the roar of fan posts on every major network reveals favourite characters and pivotal moments in the highly anticipated release. Discover top trending posts, hashtags and characters in our Game of Thrones Social Media Stats Infographic, with analytics powered by Tradable Bits Stream.

Tradable Bits Game of Thrones Social Media Stats Infographic Powered by Stream

ICYMI: 10 Tweetable Takeaways from SXSW Interactive

10 Tweetable Takeaways from SXSW Interactive

Choosing 10 tweet-worthy takeaways from South by Southwest Interactive 2015 after a week packed with incredible sessions, speeches and parties was a difficult task. We had so many inspiring conversations that our heads are still spinning with ideas for the future of social media technology. It’s impossible to list every magical moment of #SXSWi 2015 – there are simply too many to consider – but here’s a few of our <140-character favourites:

1. Personalization Converts

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman emphasized that online retail stores must personalize their shopping experience with social and sales data. Major e-commerce stores often stress their speedy delivery times or extreme discounts, but Jenn thinks they’re losing sight of what matters most to their customers: is this product right for me?

2. Influencers are Essential

Dan Pfeiffer (former senior advisor to President Obama) explained that brands used to be able to build credibility and authenticity through press coverage in well-respected publications. However, in present day, the fastest way to clout is through influential individuals, not media organizations. People trust other people, not brands.

3. Marketing Tools are Merging

Yodle CEO Court Cunningham predicted that within a year, digital marketing developers with single-function tools would either die or be forced to merge with more comprehensive platforms. With the lines between e-commerce, engagement and CRM blending, it’s impossible to have an efficient, effective and quantitatively proven digital marketing strategy if you’re running many disjointed tools that don’t cross-correlate.

4. Consumption Habits are Evolving

Raashi Bhalla (Pinterest Creative Strategist) revealed the neuroscience behind current consumer habits and showed how millennials are rapidly adapting to their media-saturated environments. Short attention spans, tendencies to scan content and multitasking are not mental deterioration – they’re actually highly effective evolutionary strategies that help us cope with our content-heavy lives. Brands must adapt too with disruptive, creative marketing tactics if they hope to make a lasting impact on consumers.

5. Face Time Builds Relationships

Hootsuite Solutions Consultant Kemp Edmonds explained that it’s easy to get so caught up in your online influencers strategy that you forget to have real face-to-face conversations. He suggests that you use digital to make and maintain connections, but that you always reserve time for in-person meet-ups with your most important people.

6. Retail Needs Data

Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake couldn’t stress enough how important data is for online retail. Whether social data, sales data or behavioural data, e-commerce websites need to make up for the lack of face-to-face interactions with customers with precise data. This is especially true for clothing and cosmetic brands, where there are no “blockbusters” and the trends are constantly shifting. So ensure you get as many analytics as you can, and then use them to take action.

7. Create Sharable Ads

Greg Pharo from AT&T explained the importance of making all owned content (ads, marketing materials, etc.) engaging, sharable and conversation-worthy. With the ever increasing cost of pushing brand content and the massive impact of word of mouth, companies cannot afford to make boring, preachy or self-absorbed owned content.

8. Word of Mouth Sells

A massive study of on and offline sales data from several Fortune 100 brands (Pepsi, AT&T, Discovery Channel, and more) paired with comprehensive surveys from thousands of consumers revealed some groundbreaking statistics about the power of word of mouth. Not only does word of mouth directly impact sales in 66% of instances (and amplifies paid media 33% of the time), but one WOM impression drives at least five times more sales than a paid impression.

9. Stores are Showcases

C-Level representatives from Sephora, Rent the Runway and Stitch Fix all agreed that brick and mortar stores must provide their customers a unique shopping experience to compete with online retail. They all predicted that physical stores will very soon become more of a marketing initiative – “the catalogues of the future” – than a vehicle for sales. They report that companies need to start considering the losses they see in their physical stores as a marketing cost, rather than a failure of their brand as a whole.

10. Think Further Ahead

CMO/CDO Julie Bornstein revealed that Sephora has a specific innovation team whose entire job is to think years in the future and find ways to prepare for the future of retail. She explains that it’s easy for large brands to get caught up in this quarter – or even this year – and completely forget to consider where their customers may be moving later on. “Don’t get blindsided by a shift in direction,” she explained, “or you’ll get left in the dust.”

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OSCARS INFOGRAPHIC: Social media stats from the 2015 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards’ social media stats deserve their own Oscar this year! We’ve compiled the best social media statistics into this Oscars 2015 infographic, which outlines the stories, stars and outcome of the iconic event. The Oscars social media stats also reveal the most influential people in the film industry, the most loved actors and best films of 2015, and entertainment’s organic trending hashtags. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show as we prove just how much you can learn about an event by aggregating user-generated content with Stream by Tradable Bits.


INFOGRAPHIC: Grammy Awards Social Media Statistics Unveil Music’s True Winners

The social media statistics from the 2015 Grammy Awards unveil the biggest stars in the music industry with just a little analysis. We saved you the headache of crunching numbers by creating this infographic of only the most important social media analytics from the 2015 Grammy’s for your viewing and sharing pleasure. Just by collecting user-generated content surrounding #TheGrammys, you can reveal the most influential people in the music industry, the most loved artists of 2015, and entertainment’s most popular organic hashtags and trending topics. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show as we prove just how much you can learn by aggregating fan content with Stream by Tradable Bits.

Grammys 2015 Social Media Statistics Infographic by Tradable Bits

INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl 2015 Social Media Statistics Reveal Sports Industry Insights

The social media statistics for the 2015 Super Bowl reveal many important insights about The Big Game. Just paying attention to user-generated content surrounding #SB49 can tell us which social media networks sports fans love most, uncover top social media influencers in the sports industry and show which on-brand organic topics and hashtags fans engaged with during the Arizona showdown. This four-part infographic demonstrates just how much you can learn if you collect, sort and analyze user-generated content created during an event with Stream by Tradable Bits.

Superbowl-Statistics-Tradable-Bits-1Superbowl-Statistics-Tradable-Bits-2 Superbowl-Statistics-Tradable-Bits-3 Superbowl-Statistics-Tradable-Bits-4

How to Make a Branded Holiday eCard


Everyone loves a good eCard.

They’re free to distribute, they’re fun and they’re an excellent way to show the human side of your brand.

Whether you’re revving up for Hanukkah, Ramadan or Christmas – there’s an eCard for every holiday. They’re visual, smile-inducing and highly sharable. That’s why we made it super easy for you to create and distribute a customizable, branded eCard.

How do I make an eCard?

  1. Design a simple eCard background with your logo (hint: Canva is a great, free tool for beginners)
  2. Upload your eCard(s) to an easy-to-use Tradable Bits eCard campaign
  3. Choose your customization level: allow fans to add text, stickers or share only
  4. Promote your eCard URL through social and email channels or embed on your website
  5. Collect contacts and demographic information as people share your eCard

What does my business gain from a branded eCard?

As the Vancouver Canucks proved with their viral ugly sweater eCard, fans love to engage with their favourite brands during the holidays. Playful, interactive eCards present your fans the opportunity to give their friends and you a gift with just a few clicks. You gain:

  • More brand awareness to likeminded new audiences
  • High engagement rates and propagation in News Feed
  • Human experience of your brand values for your customers
  • Demographics and contact information for your engaged fans

Contact us to create your branded eCard today!


Need some inspiration? Here are 3 Awesome eCard Examples:


1. A Holiday for Everyone eCard

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.51.36 AM

Promote multicultural awareness this holiday season with inclusive eCards for every winter holiday. Check out ours.


2. Funny “Brand Family” Photo eCard

canucks ecard

Take a hilarious photo of your team and encourage fans to share it with their friends. Creating funny stickers for your fans to use to “dress up” your team mates adds extra fun and personality. Here’s how the Vancouver Canucks rocked it.


3. Choose Your Own Holiday Special eCard


Promote sales and engagement with a customizable eCard that allows fans to pick which holiday they special they’d love most. Create pre-designed stickers that they can mix and match to create “50% off” + “shoes” or “BOGO” + “slippers” or whatever suits your product. Fans will be grateful and want to share the sweet deal with their friends!

Contact us to set up your branded eCard before it’s too late!